How can I confirm that my team has been entered in the tournament?

Once the tournament director receives, by mail, the signed application and check for tournament fee, he will enter your team on the confirmation page on the web site. The way to see if your team is entered, would be to click on the “Team Conformation” Icon on the left hand side of the web site. Look for your team under the age group you registered with. If your team is entered in the tournament, your name will appear under the confirmed side of this page. If your team name is not on the confirmed side of the page, your team is not yet entered in the tournament.

Can our team stay in a hotel that is not listed on the approved hotel list?

The answer is No! The Buckeye Elite costs are offset by the advertising fees received from these hotels. If the Buckeye Elite find’s that a team is staying in a hotel NOT approved by the tournament, that team will be removed from the tournament and will be banned from all future tournaments. We will also remove all other teams that are affiliated within the same organization. Please remember that will you effect not only your team, but your organization’s future with the Buckeye Elite Tournament!

Can you make special arrangements for my team to play (late start, early start, no games Thursday or Friday)?

The Buckeye Elite cannot and will not change or alter the schedule for any team so please do not ask with over 300 teams its impossible to accommodate all teams. Please be prepared to play first thing Thursday morning and or play 2 games or one day either Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday is win or go home so be prepared to play all day.

Why do the schedules come out so close to the Tournament start date.

The month leading up to the Buckeye Elite an average of 10 to 15 teams drop out before the first game. This makes it very difficult to issue a accurate schedule. The problem is when we issue several schedule early most teams don’t know which schedule to follow. We do our best to issue schedules as close to the first date but we can’t predict which teams will drop out or when.

When I click the print tournament application link why will it not print a copy of my application?

The problem may be related when your computer has a pop up blocker. Try disabling your computers pop up blocker this should open up your computer to receive a copy of the application.